In modern athlete assessment, the integration of conventional biochemical and ergophysiologic monitoring with innovative methods like telomere analysis, genotyping/phenotypic profiling, and metabolomics has the potential to offer a comprehensive understanding of athletes’ performance and potential longevity. Telomeres provide insights into cellular functioning, aging, and adaptation and elucidate the effects of training on cellular health. Genotype/phenotype analysis explores genetic variations associated with athletic performance, injury predisposition, and recovery needs, enabling personalization of training plans and interventions. Metabolomics especially focusing on low-molecular weight metabolites, reveal metabolic pathways and responses to exercise. Biochemical tests assess key biomarkers related to energy metabolism, inflammation, and recovery. Essential elements depict the micronutrient status of the individual, which is critical for optimal performance. Echocardiography provides detailed monitoring of cardiac structure and function, while burnout testing evaluates psychological stress, fatigue, and readiness for optimal performance. By integrating this scientific testing battery, a multidimensional understanding of athlete health status can be achieved, leading to personalized interventions in training, nutrition, supplementation, injury prevention, and mental wellness support. This scientifically rigorous approach hereby presented holds significant potential for improving athletic performance and longevity through evidence-based, individualized interventions, contributing to advances in the field of sports performance optimization.

Spanakis Marios, Fragkiadaki Persefoni, Renieri Elisavet, Vakonaki Elena, Fragkiadoulaki Irene, Alegakis Athanasios, Kiriakakis Mixalis, Panagiotou Nikolaos, Ntoumou Eleni, Gratsias Ioannis, Zoubaneas Evangelos, Morozova Galina Dmitrievna, Ovchinnikova Marina Alekseevna, Tsitsimpikou Christina, Tsarouhas Konstantinos, Drakoulis Nikolaos, Skalny Anatoly Viktorovich, Tsatsakis Aristides, Advancing athletic assessment by integrating conventional methods with cutting-edge biomedical technologies for comprehensive performance, wellness, and longevity insights. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living. 2024 Jan;2024

DOI 10.3389/fspor.2023.1327792

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