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Since our founding in 1969, we believe innovation is key for a better world, yet it’s not a walk in the park.
We master innovation in an integrated way to address the trends and challenges of tomorrow.
That’s why we‘re called “Masters In Innovation”. Welcome to the sweet spot of innovation!

Verhaert is an independent pioneering European innovation factory.
We cross industries to help ambitious corporations and start-ups to accelerate and to be successful in innovation.
Together we Scout, Invent, Create, Scale and Fund digital and physical breakthrough products and services.

To do so, we work in integrated multi-disciplinary teams combining in-depth expertise with great conceptual thinking.
Our consulting, services, academy and solutions are all based on our Rice methodology, our competence labs and our enabling technology portfolio.


Benoit De Vrieze

Open Innovation Coordinator

Benoit is an Open Innovation consultant at Verhaert Masters In Innovation, where he manages and runs early-stage start-up programmes and works on technology transfers for space, nuclear fusion and medical technologies. In addition, he advises and coaches deep tech ventures and spin-offs at different stages throughout the innovation cycle. Benoit is really passionate about space and wants to go there someday. He loves to talk about the systems, structures and processes that enable lasting innovation on an organisational and ecosystem level.