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ANGIE Kick-start Final Bootcamp

In the final bootcamp of the ANGIE Kick-start Programme, all participants were able to present their idea for a new targeted drug delivery therapy to the other participants, the consortium partners and selected invitees. ANGIE kick-start teams received individual feedback and tailored advice to define the technical and clinical feasibility of their projects. MICROTAP & LRB bot projects will be invited to participate in the ANGIE Acceleration Programme that runs in 2023-2024 and will provide further support.



Emerging Issues on Targeted Drug Delivery

Thanks to everyone that attended our Working Group meeting on Emerging Issues on Targeted Drug Delivery! The progress is amazing and soon we will be able to share the outcomes of our work in progress!


The ANGIE podcast ft Prof Maria Blanco-Prieto Episode 2

The 2nd episode of The ANGIE Podcast is out!!! Tune in to listen a fascinating conversation between Dr Maria Vliora and our guest expert Prof Maria Blanco-Prieto on how nanomedicine can change medical treatment.



ANGIE Working Groups

The ANGIE Working Groups have meetings throughout the year where the members explore different issues around targeted drug delivery, exchange ideas, experiences and research results to increase the public understanding of our new technology via an interpretive social science and humanities perspective, which enables to highlight issues of justice, gender, power, and identity. Groups membership will be open during the project’s lifecycle! If you wish to join us, please contact:

ANGIE Newsletter No 2

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The hospital of the future – advances in healthcare robotics

In the frame of the ANGIE Kick-start Programme our project was presented at “The hospital of the future – advances in healthcare robotics” event on Wednesday, February 8th, organized by ETH Zurich. The ANGIE Kick-start teams had the chance to get insights from the several projects and companies about future technologies and the possible outcome of these developments. The event was open for experts from hospitals, the healthcare sector, industry and academia as well as other interested parties. We are grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to further collaborations.

Hospital Clinic de Baracelona In-House Seminar

The ANGIE project was presented at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona in -House Seminar. The seminar was hosted by Dr. Mertixell Nomdedeu.


The ANGIE podcast ft Fabian Landers Episode 1

The first episode of the ANGIE project is now live! Tune in on our YouTube channel where, along with Fabian Landers, we introduce our project and have a very interesting conversation on Targeted Drug Delivery and how it is approached within our project.




The ANGIE Zenodo Community gathers all public deliverables, scientific publications and publicly available results of the project under one place. All the documents included in the Zenodo Community are under open access status and are freely available. All dissemination material produced for the project are already available, including newsletters and infographics. The ANGIE Zenodo Community is being continuously updated with new publicly available content on targeted drug delivery and research results on microrobots targeting the brain. Find us at



ANGIE Newsletter No 1

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Targeted Drug Delivery for Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases

This ANGIE Meetup event pulled together medical experts in Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases and focused on novel science, insights, tools and approaches for targeted drug delivery treatments.


Emerging Issues on Targeted Drug Delivery

The ANGIE project aims to change the way we practice medicine. In this light, pressing questions around issues related to communication, ethics, law, policy, and education should be discussed before the newly developed technology will be released. In our last event experts from around the world explored different issues around targeted drug delivery in clinical environments.


Discovering the clinical journey

In the first workshop, Benoit helped the ANGIE kick-start participants to understand the current clinical journey for the health condition or disease they chose to focus on. This provided them with fresh insights into the needs of patients and clinicians and helped them shape the opportunity for a new targeted drug delivery based therapy.

ANGIE Kick-start Launch Event

We want to inspire and enable ambitious students, inspiring researchers, experienced professionals and talented entrepreneurs to start addressing important medical challenges today while our technology is still under development. We created the ANGIE kick-start to support participants to develop their own idea for a targeted drug delivery intervention for treatment of a certain health condition. In October 20, 2022 we held an info webinar on the ANGIE kick-start Programme. Participants learned about the ANGIE project and its approach to targeted drug delivery. Moreover, we explained what the kick-start programme is and how we can support them to get started with the technology platform.


Japanese-European Workshop on AI and Robotics

The Japanese-European Workshop on Moonshot program goal 3 “Co-evolving AI and Robots towards 2050” took place in Switzerland from September 21 to 23, 2022. A delegation from Japan consisting of 25 researchers attended the event in order to seek potential collaboration partners from Europe. Salvador and Fabian had some insightful talks and discussions about ongoing research and the 50 years ahead with some of the founders and current leaders of the field.

MARSS 2022

During a Special session on Micro/Nanorobots for drug and/or cell delivery, in the International Conference on Manipulation, Automation and Robotics at Small Scales which was held in Toronto, Fabian presented our latest results on 3D Interlocked Micromachines.


The Hamlyn Symposium

The Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics provides a forum for international surgeons and engineers to network and share the latest developments in medical robotics, attracting world-leading scientists, engineers and clinical practitioners from a wide range of disciplines associated with medical robotics and surgery. Derick participated in the 14th Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics and gave a presentation entitled “In Vitro Navigation of a Magnetic Sphere using a Model Predictive Controller for Neurovascular Targeted Drug Delivery Applications”.


Review Paper Published

In the review paper entitled “Powering and Fabrication of Small‐Scale Robotics Systems” we take you on a deep dive into the fabrication and powering of small-scale robotics. We present recent developments of materials and fabrication technologies. 

Find the paper published in Current Robotics Reports here.


In a presentation entitled “Magnetic small-scale robots: Principles, applications and challenges”, Salvador introduced magnetically driven small-scale robots. He discussed existing and potential applications in the biomedical field and outlined the challenges that will need to be overcome.


In a presentation entitled “Soft-hard magnetically driven microrobotic devices”, Fabian talked about the potential of mechanically interlocked small-scaled robots in the biomedical field, especially for drug delivery.


In a presentation entitled “Marrying inorganics and biologics: Opportunities and challenges”, Kirstin presented her work on the interaction between complex biological molecules (such as rtPA) and inorganic materials.


In his talk entitled “Microfluidic technologies for chemistry, materials science and biotechnology”, Josep shoed how microfluidic devices can be utilized to uncover pathway complexity as well as to assess drug delivery applications with small-scale robots.


In his talk entitled “In flow controlled synthesis of blood clots”, Ramon showed how microfluidic technologies be used to enable a controlled fabrication and localization of blood clots.


In her talk “Evolution, gaps, and trends in the origins of innovation ecosystems”, Irene outlined the importance to understand the process of innovation ecosystem formation. Here, external provision of the necessary conditions, resources, and activities during this period have the highest impact.

BIONANOTOX conference

With its strong research progress, ANGIE made six contributions to the annual BIONANOTOX conference in Crete. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation, the talks were held remotely.