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Review Paper Published

In the review paper entitled “Powering and Fabrication of Small‐Scale Robotics Systems” we take you on a deep dive into the fabrication and powering of small-scale robotics. We present recent developments of materials and fabrication technologies. 

Find the paper published in Current Robotics Reports here.


In a presentation entitled “Magnetic small-scale robots: Principles, applications and challenges”, Salvador introduced magnetically driven small-scale robots. He discussed existing and potential applications in the biomedical field and outlined the challenges that will need to be overcome.


In a presentation entitled “Soft-hard magnetically driven microrobotic devices”, Fabian talked about the potential of mechanically interlocked small-scaled robots in the biomedical field, especially for drug delivery.


In a presentation entitled “Marrying inorganics and biologics: Opportunities and challenges”, Kirstin presented her work on the interaction between complex biological molecules (such as rtPA) and inorganic materials.


In his talk entitled “Microfluidic technologies for chemistry, materials science and biotechnology”, Josep shoed how microfluidic devices can be utilized to uncover pathway complexity as well as to assess drug delivery applications with small-scale robots.


In his talk entitled “In flow controlled synthesis of blood clots”, Ramon showed how microfluidic technologies be used to enable a controlled fabrication and localization of blood clots.


In her talk “Evolution, gaps, and trends in the origins of innovation ecosystems”, Irene outlined the importance to understand the process of innovation ecosystem formation. Here, external provision of the necessary conditions, resources, and activities during this period have the highest impact.

BIONANOTOX conference

With its strong research progress, ANGIE made six contributions to the annual BIONANOTOX conference in Crete. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation, the talks were held remotely.

Ph.D. and Post Doc Meeting

After six months of long days in the lab, weekly meetings, and great collaborations, all Ph.D.s and Post Docs involved in Work Package 2 met in Zurich.
During one week, they exchanged knowledge, conducted experiments, and found solutions for the most pressing challenges in Work Package 2.

ANGIE Kick-off meeting

ANGIE was officially launched on the 12th of January, with all members of the consortium present.
We look forward to exciting research and new a radically technology in treating acute ischemic strokes.