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This programme is aimed at teams/startups developing on the ANGIE platform. The applications may be related to magnetically steered injectable micro/nano robots and localised targeted drug delivery in general, in the context of finding solutions for conditions such as thrombotic stroke, neoplasms, senile dementia and others.

The goal is to validate the startups’ business and technological concepts.

Start phase (Feb-Apr 2024): find a viable business case and create a prototype development plan for a targeted drug delivery intervention.

Final phase (Apr-Jul 2024): evidence of business viability and the solution technological feasibility.

The application window closes on 15/02/2024. Only the top 5 applying teams will be selected.

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Benefits for startups

  • Expert mentoring: ANGIE’s network of professionals with vertical experience in specific domains can boost the startup’s development by bridging technical/managerial knowledge gaps.

  • Media coverage: as part of the acceleration programme, startups may get frequent exposure on mainstream and specialized media outlets.

  • Connections: meet with established medtech/pharma corporations, regulatory bodies, civil society organizations and other meaningful ecosystem stakeholders.




  • Team size of 2 or more
  • Be incorporated or willing to
  • Expertise/focus in drug delivery
  • Aim to develop a commercial solution


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