Discovery Foundation

Consortium partner

Project Staff

Irene Mavromanolaki​

Co-founder and CEO

Ms Irene Mavromanolaki is the co-founder and CEO of the Discovery Foundation, a non-profit organization focusing on education, research, and innovation issues around healthcare technologies. She has studied Hellenic and European Culture in the Open University of Cyprus, Tourism Management, as well as International Project Administration and Management at the University of Athens. She has been a Project Manager in a series of European projects, as well as in many national projects funded in Greece and Cyprus. At Discovery, she oversees the management of EU projects, the implementation of outreach activities, the design and implementation of marketing and branding campaigns, and she contributes to the financial planning and projections.

Paraskevi Smargianaki​


Ms Paraskevi Smargianaki is the CFO at the Discovery Foundation. She received a B.S. in Economics from the University of Piraeus, an MBA from University of Cyprus, and a Professional Diploma in Auditing and Accounting from the Institute of Certified Public Auditors of Greece. She brings more than 17 years of financial and auditing experience. Her MBA and numerous Open Innovation Courses at Berkley University provided her with opportunities to get involved in several start-ups engaged in business modelling and innovation. She participates as a mentor in meetups sharing business ideas, new technologies, as well as start-up and innovative thoughts. Her personal mission is to empower others to create and innovate, because great people, ideas, and technology can change the world.

Gina Ntina

Ms Gina Ntina has more than 8 years of experience and expertise in the management of research, development, and innovation ventures. Her specific areas of expertise include the management of the innovation process and the measurement of the innovation performance. Ms Ntina has more than 10 years of experience in the project management of over 15 European Union and international funded projects, monitoring the overall process and supporting the coordination of the projects. She is characterized by her passion for working in interdisciplinary teams and her interest in new technology and innovation trends.