PhD Thesis Award

The ANGIE Project offers a PhD award to recognize an outstanding PhD thesis. The prize recognizes excellence in research at an early career stage and encourages awardees to pursue a further career in science. ANGIE values excellence, innovation, and originality in scientific research in the field of Targeted Drug Delivery. In order to express this point of view and to encourage these traits among PhD students, ANGIE selects an outstanding PhD student based on scientific merit, degree of innovation, and extent of originality of his/her dissertation. The prize consists of a certificate and an award of 1000 €. The awarded thesis will also be featured in the upcoming episodes of the ANGIE Podcast.

Criteria for Selection

  • Eligible submissions are those candidates who have successfully defended their PhD Thesis dissertations in the two years preceding the contest submission deadline.
  • The dissertation has been performed primarily at a European research institution.
  • The PhD thesis should be original work predominantly in the field of Targeted Drug Delivery.

How to apply

  • Submit the Application Form, filled in English, to angie.h2020.eu@gmail.com by March, 14 th 2024 at the latest.
  • Attach an executive summary of the PhD thesis in English (max 2000 words), highlighting the contribution and the novelty of the research work and the impact of the research work measured in terms of dissemination of the PhD outputs into the scientific community.
  • Attach your CV, including a list of publications connected with the thesis.
  • Attach an electronic copy of the PhD thesis.

Selection Process

Applications should be sent by e-mail to angie.h2020.eu@gmail.com before March, 14 th 2024 at the latest and mentioning “ANGIE Award” as subject. Applications will be examined by a committee appointed by the Project Management Team. In no case may the person who has directed, co-directed or supervised the doctoral thesis of any of the applications or is a co-author of any of the publications derived from said doctoral thesis be part of the evaluation committee. The Award Committee will select the winner based on the following criteria:

  • the originality of the research and the methods used.

  • the quality of the achieved results.

  • the societal impact of the thesis.