ANGIE PhD Award 2024

We are pleased to announce that the recipient of the ANGIE PhD Award is Dr. Souhaila El Moukhtari for her dissertation "Nanomedicines for the Treatment of Pediatric Neuroblastoma".  The impact of her research work on the scientific community has been substantial, evidenced by its dissemination through various channels, particularly in the field of nanomedicine for pediatric cancer. 

Souhaila's research is centered on the use of nanoparticles made of solid lipids (100-200 nanometers) that act as platforms for delivering the antitumor drug, with the aim of improving its therapeutic index and the quality of life of neuroblastoma pediatric patients. The primary objective was to develop new therapeutic nanosystems that can be orally administered and potentially offer effective therapy. This involved the delivery of not only a cytostatic drug currently used for neuroblastoma treatment (etoposide), but also a promising antitumor drug (edelfosine) both combined after their vectorization in lipid nanocarriers.


About the award

The ANGIE PhD thesis award recognizes excellence in research at an early career stage and encourages awardees to pursue a further career in science. ANGIE values excellence, innovation, and originality in scientific research in the field of Targeted Drug Delivery. In order to express this point of view and to encourage these traits among PhD students, ANGIE selects an outstanding PhD student based on scientific merit, degree of innovation, and extent of originality of his/her dissertation. The prize consists of a certificate and an award of 1000 €. The awarded thesis will also be featured in the upcoming episodes of the ANGIE Podcast.

We congratulate Souhaila and we look forward to seeing the continued impact of her research and the many successes that lie ahead in her career.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the applicants for submitting their exceptional theses and thank the Award Committee for voting and helping with this award.