ANGIE Podcast series

Take a journey of discovery with our podcast series where we explore Targeted Drug Delivery from multiple angles. Tune in to hear from leading experts, industry pioneers, and innovators shaping the future of healthcare.

The ANGIE podcast ft Fabian Landers Episode 1

The first episode of the ANGIE project is now live! Tune in on our YouTube channel where, along with Fabian Landers, we introduce our project and have a very interesting conversation on Targeted Drug Delivery and how it is approached within our project.


The ANGIE podcast ft Prof Maria Blanco-Prieto Episode 2

The 2nd episode of The ANGIE Podcast is out!!! Tune in to listen a fascinating conversation between Dr Maria Vliora and our guest expert Prof Maria Blanco-Prieto on how nanomedicine can change medical treatment.



The ANGIE podcast ft Vittorio Bava Episode 3

The new episode of the ANGIE podcast is now live! With Mr. Vittorio Bava, venture capital builder, we discuss the opportunities of nanomedical start-ups in the market. Tune in to our YouTube channel to listen!