Derick Sivakumaran

Derick was born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka in December 1993. He grew up in Zürich and holds a Master in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich. In April 2021, he started his PhD at Magnebotix AG and is working in close collaboration with the MSRL group at ETH. His research covers the development of electro-magnetic navigation systems for microrobots in clinical use. He also investigates advanced control algorithms for the efficient navigation of microrobots into the neurovascular network.Derick enjoys hiking, going on tours with the road bike and hosting dinner parties for his friends.

Programme Information


H2020-EU.1.2.2. – FET Proactive


FETPROACT-EIC-05-2019 – FET Proactive: emerging paradigms and communities

Call for proposal


Funding Scheme

RIA – Research and Innovation action


Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Salvador Pané Vidal

ETH Zurich
Multi-Scale Robotics Lab
Tannenstrasse 3, CLA H9
CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland